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Life goes on whether you work out or not. Make your choice.
Make progress, not excuses.
Making excuses burns zero calories per hour.

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Total Body Development

Our Philosophy

People have differing fitness levels and goals, so we start everyone with an assessment and development plan. We follow a progressive based strategy.

There is NO “QUICK FIX”

By its nature, exercise stresses the body and is supposed to be “hard”. We’ll help you overcome the challenges that come with exercising and keep you on your path toward results.

Basic Progression

1. Learn proper breathing mechanics. Correct breathing is often overlooked. Proper diaphragmatic breathing keeps you from compensating and breaking form and helps you to recover faster.

2. Master the Sagittal Plane – the left and right halves. This is your flexion and extension, or front and back movement. This helps with basic movements, like sitting and standing.

3. Master the Frontal Plane – the front and back halves. This is your anti-rotation or side-to-side movements. This keeps you stable laterally.

4. Master the Transverse Plane – the top and bottom halves. This is your rotational or twisting movement. This is the most advanced movement and the most difficult to master.

5. Now that you have mastered your body’s movements, you’re well on your way to the new you!

Featured Programs

At TBD.fit we know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness. There are however, some broader categories of goals that people have come to us to achieve.

personal training

Personal Training

Pressed for time? Accelerate your fitness results with personal training. If you’re not into the gym scene, or are unsure which exercises to do or how to do them properly, let us guide you. If you already know your way around the gym and have hit a plateau, let us help you break through it!

Together we’ll assess where you are, where you want to be, and the best path to take to get there. You’ll leverage proper form for faster results. You’ll also learn movement patterns that help with everyday life.



Many people have lower back or knee pain, or neck tightness. Let us help! We integrate rehab and training together to rebuild the best version of you.

The human body is complex. When your body sustains an injury, it compensates which often leads to other dysfunctions. Let’s identify and address those compensatory patterns and solve your rehabilitation puzzle!

sports performance

Sports Performance

Every sport exerts differing demands upon your body. A basketball player needs different strength training protocols than a soccer player or a volleyball player.

Let us show you how to become more efficient in multidirectional movements, avoid injuries, and control your breath to get you to the top of your game!


Total Body Development


Your Body: To Be Determined

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About Us

Our passion is to improve the quality of your life through physical fitness. We leverage our experience and training to progressively get you to your goals safely and effectively. We work in an environment of positivity with no judgements.